Strategic and Monumental Opportunities of ADHD

Discover empowering strategies for navigating the complexities of ADHD within your family.
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Meet Our Speakers

with Megghan Thompson, LCPC, RPT-S

CEO, Transformational Parenting Specialist

with Joan Wilder

with Dr. Norrine Russell

Founder/Creator Russell Coaching for Students

with Loretta Breuning PhD

Founder, Inner Mammal Institute

with Alma Galvan

BrainWorx founder

with Eric Davis

with Penny Williams

Parenting Coach for Neurodiverse Families

with Dr. Victoria Waller

with Lena Suarez-Angelino

CEO of LIGHT Collective and Co.

with Mary Lynch Barbera Ph.D

RN, BCBA-D, Ph.D., Best-Selling Author, Podcaster and Online Course Creator

with Jesse J. Anderson

Author of Extra Focus

with Toby Pasman

Certified Human Potential Coach

with Tina Kocol

with Michelle McVittie

Child life specialist and parenting coach

with Sam Young

with Keena White

Therapist, CEO Relative Counseling LLC

with Sam Young

with Mary Anne Richey

School Psychologist

with Dr. Amelia Kelley

Therapist, Author, Professor, Podcaster

with Michael Cohen


with Dr. Mark Bertin

Developmental Pediatrician