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As a dedicated advocate for families navigating the complexities of ADHD, I bring a unique blend of professional expertise and personal experience to empower you. With a robust background in Training and Development, a mother who truly understands where you are at, and a military spouse, I’ve pioneered StrategicU—a mission-driven endeavor committed to offering strategic, home-based support systems for families dealing with ADHD

I really felt some truly important aspects were missing in the care for families who are championing through ADHD, as well as the light that should be shined in this world. ADHD is not just a diagnosis, it can truly be a gift when given the proper incentive and understanding.

Starting March 4th, our summit opens the door to a world of insights and strategies that can redefine your family’s journey with ADHD. Whether you’re seeking practical tools, adaptive techniques, or comprehensive age-appropriate strategies, this event is designed to provide you with the support and knowledge you need.

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We Launch on Monday, March 4th

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